Here at Brisk Infosec, we are very much aware of the need for security training to IT professionals who require the skill set to deal with real-time problems. We have specialized security professionals to equip IT professionals with a clear knowledge and understanding in information security mechanisms. The aim of ethical hacking is to teach the advanced techniques, tools and attacks performed by the attackers. Only with the keen knowledge about attackers, can IT professionals excel in their organization security. To cope with this, we have introduced a special course called Web Application Hacking. This course is designed to tighten the security level in web environment. To know the entire details about the course, please contact us.


The Brisk Information Security Expert (BISE) is a certification program designed to make you an expert consultant in the domain of Information Security. While most certification programs are geared towards purely technical know-how, the BISE arms you with the necessary consulting skills in order to help you make your mark in this exciting field. The best part about the BISE is the fact that you get a hands-on practical training on live projects. It covers a wide variety of topics, starting from the basics to all kind of attacks against system, network, and web application.


What is the duration of BISE course?
The duration of BISE is 40 hours.
What is the exam duration for BISE course?
The duration of BISE is 3 hours.
Who should take BISE course?
BISE course is for beginners who want to start their career in information security field.