Brisk Infosec provides solution for Web Application Firewall (WAF) which is a firewall that monitors or blocks HTTP traffic from clients to web server application.

Web application firewalls are an evolving information security technology designed to protect web sites from attack. WAF solutions are capable of preventing attacks which have not been detected under network firewalls and intrusion detection systems and they do not require modification of application source code.

We provide protection for custom web applications which may be unprotected by other technologies that guard only against known exploits and prevent vulnerabilities in off-the- shelf web application software.


  • Maximizes the detection and catch rate for known and unknown threats
  • Minimizes false alerts (false positives) and adapts to continually evolving web applications
  • Ensures broader adoption through ease of use and minimal performance impact
  • Protect web applications against hackers attacks


Brisk Web Application Firewall protects against the most critical web application security risks and threats. Security experts behind Brisk service ensure optimum protection against newly discovered vulnerabilities to prevent disruption to your application and improve website performance. Brisk Infosec Web Application Firewall provides various solutions for web firewall which includes Assessment of deep Packet and data Payload inspection, Checking Brute force, minimizes the necessity of code change, Filtering network protocol which includes HTTP filtering. We observe and analyze the possibilities for threat initialization and Impact of them accordingly to provide better security for organization.

  • Brisk WAF has a dashboard which is used to control the firewall configuration
  • It also has a options to create a new firewall rules to prevent Web Application Attacks
  • When a critical situation going to occur dashboard will sent a alert emails notifying when administrator needs attention
  • The above mentioned solution results will be available in the portal which can be tracked, analyzed, the weekly and monthly statistics report viewed and download at anytime.


1. Cost Effective Web Application Protection
2. Monitor requests that match your filter criteria
3. Automation Detection – detecting bots, crawlers, scanners and other surface malicious activity
4. Protection — Trojan Protection, Tracking Sensitive Data etc.
5. HTTP Denial of Service Protections helps to identify attackers hiding behind proxies and respond to bursts of requests within seconds


What types of attacks can WAF help me to stop?
WAF helps protects your website from common attack techniques like SQL injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). In addition, you can create rules that can block attacks from specific user-agents, bad bots, or content scrapers.

What Does BAF Do?
BAF is a web application firewall solution that ensures fast, reliable and secure delivery of mission-critical Web applications. It enables PCI compliance through mitigation of web application security threats and vulnerabilities, preventing data theft and manipulation of sensitive corporate data, and protecting customer information.
Does WAF support IPv6?
Yes, support for IPv6 allows the WAF to inspect HTTP(S) requests coming from both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses.