The fundamental tenets of Brisk InfoSec’s BINT LAB Secure Software Development are to integrate security into every aspect of the development process. Brisk Infosec’s products, services and solutions help development team to execute security activities at key SDLC touch-points.

Brisk Infosec’s secured SDLC process ensures security assurance activities such as penetration testing, code review and architecture analysis which are an integral part of the Secure Software development effort.


Secure software development has become increasingly more important in today’s information technology landscape. Cyber-Attacks by individuals, organisations and even countries are continually on the rise. Using “after the fact” patching can leave you and your firm vulnerable to malicious threats. Building software that is secured from the ground up is not only best practice but also it is a goal to success.


Brisk Infosec’s approach for SSDLC (Secure Software Development Lifecycle)

1. Planning and requirements
2. Requirement Analysis
3. Secure Architecture and design
4. Threat modeling
5. Secure development process
6. Different stages of Security and QA clearance
7. QA planning
8. Coding
9. Testing and results
10. Release and maintenance including Security
11. Continues enhancement


1. MS Security Development Lifecycle (MS SDL)
2. NIST 800-64


Brisk Infosec’s secure SDLC which helps organisations to avoid common and debilitating security flaws when developing applications. The secured SSDLC process is flexible and can be applied to any SDLC. Additionally, this process can cover internally developed, commercial, open source, and outsourced web applications and Mobile application.