Brisk IT Health Check involves a full vulnerability assessment. We review the web application, network and Network Host, scan for vulnerabilities outside and inside of the firewall.

Brisk IT Health Check identifies any vulnerability in a web application, network and Network Host which may compromise the confidentiality, integrity or availability of information held. It is the primary level of security testing that mandates security standards and identifies security flaws that may have resulted from new implementations or changes made in your web application or network.


  • Ensure the security level of your organisation on daily bases
  • Unintentional loss of data or accidental damage to critical IT infrastructure
  • protecting the breach from the Hackers
  • As a small business, with so many things going on, it’s easy to get distracted and forget to put a up-to- date defence in place.


Brisk Infosec conducts Daily IT Health Check by both manual techniques on all Web Application, Mobile application, Servers, Databases. Our Daily IT health check will be conducted on the client’s Downtime which helps not to affect the performance of the organisation.

Brisk Infosec’s Methodologies for Daily IT Health Check is as follows

1. Requirement Analysis
2. Vulnerability Analysis
3. Reporting
4. Remediation


  • Identify strengths and weaknesses by generating a score for different areas of security
  • Diagnose problematic areas, identifying areas for improvement
  • Priorities your security focus
  • Save time and money by deciding how best to spend your resources most productively


Can we log in to check the status of our devices?
Yes, we can give you a login so you can easily check status of your IT equipment
Can you run me through what would happen if there is a problem on the server/ network?
Brisk Infosec will monitor it daily and if it doesn’t work as it should, we’ll show it to you on the Daily Report. You can call us to fix it. This will be billed at an agreed-upon hourly rate or you can fix it yourself.
What is covered in the daily health check?

  • Brisk Infosec will cover the following in Daily health check
  • Successful backup completion
  • Event Logs
  • File and Folder Sizes
  • Exchange Store Size on E-Mail
  • Unusual Drive Space Change
  • Physical Disk Health
  • Hacker Attempts
  • Anti-Virus Updates