Brisk continuous monitoring has the ability to connect to the databases and servers to monitor performance and threats level in real time and also notify through email if the server and database system properties cross a given threshold.

Brisk InfoSec Continuous Monitoring will help small and medium size organisations to monitor the critical infrastructure, Database and server related to their business. This specific service will help them to monitor the real-time network traffic, performance and security of the server.


  • Ensure high availability of database servers.
  • Keep tabs on the database size, buffer cache size, database connection time.
  • Help take actions pro-actively before critical incidents occur.
  • SIEM is not a suitable solution for a small and medium organisation who need both performance and security monitoring.


  • Brisk Continuous Monitoring provides complete monitoring for both databases and servers.
  • Continuous monitoring for servers consists of File Server, Web Server, email Sever, Application Server.
  • Continuous monitoring performs Monitor CPU, Disk and System Processes, Monitor Network Interface Traffic, Hardware Monitoring, Inventory and Capacity Planning, Visualization Monitoring, and monitor live security attacks.
  • Continuous monitoring that can help to monitor for database server environment that may consist of Oracle databases, MS SQL, Sybase, IBM DB2 and MySQL databases.
  • It also helps by notifying potential database performance problems and security issues.
  • It Monitors application servers, databases, servers, middleware and web transactions.
  • Track various applications from a single console, making it cost effective. Integrated
  • The solution that provides insights into your diverse applications.


  • Cost effective compared to SIEM.
  • Helps to Increase application availability
  • Helps to Increase database performance
  • Fast detection of database outages, failures, and table corruption
  • Predictive analysis of storage requirements and index performance


1. What is Continuous Monitoring?
Continuous Monitoring is a process in which Database and server are monitored continuously to avoid data theft, server breakdown and unauthorised mail from Hackers
2. Why is Continuous monitoring needed in an Organisation?
Continuous monitoring provides continuous updates of status on infrastructure, database and server to avoid malicious attack and to avoids data theft which may harm organisations identity
3. On which Infrastructure Continuous Monitoring solution is preferred?
Continuous Monitoring is mainly carried out in Database and Server to provide better performance and security.