BriskInfosec is transforming the way for cyber security by providing the best  information security solution  .we’ve developed a more effective way to engage and compact the challenges presented by the rapidly changing cyber security  threat landscape by taking an collaborative end – to -end  approach . we  provide  a cost effective and  out of the box solution that drives smarter security solutions .

Brisk Shield  Solution include

WebApplication penetration test

Website penetration test

Mobile App penetration test

Enterprise penetration test

Cloud Application penetration test

Secure code review

API security testing

Network penetration test

Database penetration test[i]

Server penetration test

Router Security Analysis

Firewall Penetration test

Wireless Penetration test

IOT Penetration test

SCADA/ICS Penetration test

Vulnerability Assessment

Architecture Review

OSINT Report generation

Red Team Penetration test


Virtual Security Team

Daily Health Check

SIEM Integration


Secure Software Development

Risk Management

Vulnerability Management

Patch Management

Continues Monitoring

ISO/IEC 27001






 BriskInfosec appoints a CISO for the organization who will completely take  responsibility  of the entire information security process in the organization

Responsibilities of the CISO Brisk Shield Solution

  • Creating and implementing a strategy for the deployment of information security technologies
  • Performing IT security risk assessments and reporting on ways to minimise threats
  • Monitoring security vulnerabilities and hacking threats in network and host systems
  • Tracking latest IT security innovations and keeping abreast of latest cyber security technologies
  • Ensuring business continuity
  • Communicating with key stakeholders about IT security threats
  • Implementing an effective process for the reporting of security incidents
  • Overseeing the investigation of reported security breaches
  • Developing strategies to handle security incidents and trigger investigations
  • Managing the IT security team, security experts and advisors
  • Complying with the latest regulations and compliance requirements
  • Championing and educating the organisation about the latest security strategies and technologies
  • Managing the daily operation and implementation of the IT security strategy
  • Conducting a continuous assessment of current IT security practices and systems and identifying areas for improvement
  • Running security audits and risk assessments
  • Delivering new security technology approaches and implementing next generation solutions
  • Ensuring compliance and governance is met
  • Driving change projects and building new IT capabilities
  • Developing and implementing business continuity plans to ensure service is continuous when a change programme is introduced or a security breach occurs or in the event that the disaster recovery plan needs to be triggered
  • Protecting the intellectual property of the organization at all times
  • Devising strategies and implementing IT solutions to minimize the risk of cyber-attacks
  • Reviewing, analyzing and delivering data information