Brisk Infosec offers comprehensive website penetration testing services involves a highly complex website security testing procedure that will identify and attempt to exploit known and unknown weaknesses that hidden within your website.
Brisk Infosec conducts all website security tests to the highest standard and follows the OWASP website penetration testing framework and guidelines.


The next security battlefront looming is in the area of securing web applications.

  • Web sites are still getting hacked every day because it’s not secured thus ensure your website is free from all major security threats
  • Analysing potential threats and risk analysis based on the website Identifying select high-risk weaknesses that exist on the website
  • Once a company faces a security breach, the effects can be debilitating on the revenue and productivity of the business


Brisk Infosec’s Website Penetration testing is the combination of both automation and manual security testing.

  • Automation: Assess the code by using automated tools to find language security bugs and streamline the search for vulnerabilities like injection flaws, broken session management and authentication, Cross Site Scripting, insecure direct object referencing, file canonicalization and other vulnerabilities.
  • Manual Analysis: Manual validation of significant issues is conducted by line-by-line code inspection to find logical errors, insecure configurations/cryptography, and other platform-specific known issues specific (such as buffer overflow) that could accidentally expose data.
  • Brisk Infosec Approaches for Website Penetration testing
    • Information Gathering
    • Crawling
    • Information Analysis
    • Exploitation
    • Reporting
    • Retest


We follow the standards as per the client’s requirement and nature of the Website, such as:

  • PTES
  • SANS
  • NIST
  • ISO27001


  • Penetration testing allows the enterprise to foresee the security flaws that could cause a breach and identify the risks beforehand.
  • It improves the security strength of the website by uncovering vulnerabilities that cannot be detected easily by automated vulnerability scanning software.
  • Helps to identify the possibility of specific attack vectors.


What is the duration of the website penetration test?
The duration of the website penetration test will be of one week and it may differ based on your website.
What will be the cost of the website penetration test?
The website penetration test will cost from $500 depending on your website.
What is the difference between website and web application?
The main difference between website and web application is

  • A website is informational
  • A web application is interactive