Brisk Infosec Server  Penetration Testing will ensure that your server is locked up tight against security threats. We provide server security checklist which will never miss a potential entry point or vulnerability on a new server or old server. Brisk Infosec uses secure, auditable tools to fix problems within the servers for your server security.

Supported Platform:

We provide security support for the various servers such as

  • Web server,
  • Application Server,
  • File server,
  • Mail server,
  • Load Balancer. etc.


Servers are the main source for storing data, file transfer, Application maintenance, mail transferring etc. Security breach and loopholes can withhold crucial data, reports, information and can also interact easily with servers is a big threat to any organisation. Maintaining the server security of Web, File, Mail, Application, another critical infrastructure is essential to ensure the protection of an organisation from attack.


Brisk Infosec’s Server Penetration testing methodologies are as follows

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Threat Modeling
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Exploitation
  • Post Exploitation
  • Reporting
  • Retest


We follow the standards as per the client’s requirement and nature of the testing required such as:

  • PTES
  • SANS
  • NIST
  • ISO27001


  • Avoid Costs of a breach
  • Enhancing Quality Assurance and ensuring continuity
  • Avoid Costly server Downtime
  • Helps in detection of Existing Hacks


1. Why is Server penetration testing needed?
The server is one of the main infrastructures in an organisation which provides the facility of storing data, Applications, emails, file transferring etc. Thus penetration testing is required to avoid from malicious attack and security breaches
2. What is the duration taken for conducting this test?
The overall time depends on the size and complexity of the server. That said, most tests take anywhere from one week to three weeks, start to finish.
3. How much it costs for a server pen testing?
It is not easy to answer until some level of scoping has been performed. Our scoping process is quick, online and painless. But overall, the complexity of the server will ultimately determine its cost. For example, when determining the work effort.