Brisk Infosec Router penetration testing scans your organisation’s router for potential security holes using a public network such as the Internet and gathers information and performs exploitation.
Brisk Infosec finding vulnerabilities in firmware, OS, Kernel and brute force attack on the router device,
which essentially finds the holes in your perimeter defences. Router testing is needed to provide a single point of reference for router security assessment and countermeasures for vulnerabilities.


  • Router penetration test will visualize you to the level of damage a hacker could cause while penetrating your network perimeter.
  • It will also help you determine the practicality and effectiveness of your defences against targeted attacks.
  • Thorough router penetration testing plays a vital role in ensuring the security of your router.
  • If a router is compromised it will compromise all the network traffic



We undertake the following tests and countermeasures:

  • Analysing the router configuration
  • Testing for any misconfiguration
  • Test router running modes
  • Testing for Routing protocol assessment
  • Stateless QoS Functional test
  • Profiling
  • Discovery & Enumeration
  • Scanning
  • Exploitation
  • Reporting


We follow the standards as per the client’s requirement and nature of the analysis, such as:

  • PTES
  • SANS
  • NIST
  • ISO27001


  • Router penetration testing checks the loopholes within the router by penetrating through it from which we can get protected packets
  • Revealing Security and Default settings flaws
  • Reduce Security Risks and Cost
  • Ensuring security from the Internet.


Why should I conduct a penetration test?
When an organisation has weak router security configuration means there no use of having a secure private network. The router is the entry point of a network, so if an attacker is able to compromise the router in the sense he can control every system in that network. To ensure the security level of the router, it needs to be tested.
How long does it take to conduct a web application penetration test?
Router penetration testing takes 3 days (Approx.)
How much does a Router penetration test cost?
The Router penetration test will cost around $500 (Approx.)