The Brisk Infosec’s Red-Team act as an offensive agents, who are capable of identifying and exploiting organization’s infrastructure and systems. Red Team provides independent and professional security testing services which include physical security testing, social engineering, vendors relationships, hacking, malware insertion, pivoting and human manipulations.

Brisk Infosec is the leading provider of security testing services and have a team of highly skilled, experienced and qualified professionals.

Red Team works on the core values which are “independent, honest, trust worthy & enthusiastic” and determines the network and IT security gaps of an organization, and provide the links between them.

Red Team tests the organization’s ability to recognize threats and respond to the security breach which is in progress. Raising company’s cyber-security awareness and less risk mitigation plan is our main goal. The Red Team attack can expose threat weaknesses in an organization infrastructure, software, database etc. before the hackers or criminals may take advantage of them which make an organization to patch up for better security.


The replicate real-world cyber-attacks against an organisation’s network, IT assets and critical infrastructure by exploiting any points of entry and weaknesses by the human or technical qualified persons, until the attack objectives are reached.

In a world where hackers constantly update their offensive methods, finding ingenious ways of penetrating the most secured environments, Red-team testing can highlight the exploit and prevents threats and attacks of an organizations.


Brisk Infosec’s Red team will cover Web Application, Network Penetration testing, Mobile Application, security as service and security as solution.

Red-Team member holds certifications across leading security disciplines and has extensive knowledge on current security standards, best practices, Manual testing to simulate attacker methods and techniques, Cyber-risk mitigating advice, detailed document defining our processes and methods utilized during the test.


Brisk Infosec’s Red Team identifies how your organization will withstand and face of an all-out and no-holds- barred attack.

  • By helping you identify exposures, this assessment helps your organisation know how protected your most sensitive data really is.
  • Red team exercises build confidence within an organization, by proper preparation, planning and execution of security test
  • Better risk understanding and management from board level, where greater involvement will create better prioritization, and use of budgets & resources


1. Why do you need “Red Team test”?
“Red Team test” are conducted for the following purposes: The Discovering vulnerability exploitation methods that can be employed by threat actors. Testing the organization’s ability to recognize and respond to a security breach in progress
2. What happens to confidential data Red Team Pentesting gathers during the penetration test?
Red Team Pentesting commits itself to absolute secrecy regarding your confidential data. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) determining that Red Team Pentesting treats a client’s data as confidential is already part of every contract. All customer data, including information that is used to prepare a first quotation, is subject to the same obligation to confidentiality. At the end of a penetration test, all data and possible storage media is either securely destroyed or handed back to the client.
3. How long it takes to implement Red Team solution?
Our scoping process is quick, online and painless. But overall, the complexity of the solution will ultimately determine its cost and time. It is not easy to answer until some level of analyzing has been performed but it will approximately take one to three weeks, from start to finish.