Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is collecting information from publicly available sources. Brisk Infosec’s OSINT process finds ,select and acquire information  that are available by assessing two -way (both static and dynamic data) are continuous and gathered from dynamic and versatile open platforms on the Internet.


OSINT ,one of the most valuable and powerful investigating tool   will help  organizations  to improve their detection and responsiveness of cyber threats and cyber security issues.


We work using our own methodologies in providing proactive Intelligence reports

  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Find Host Addre

    sses Find Subdomains Find Virtual Hosts

  •  Email Addresses
  • Location of Company
  •  IP Range – DNS Information
  •  Domain Address Information
  •  OS Details for Web Services
  •  Vulnerabilities for all services
  • Reverse IP Lookup* Find Services running on IP Addresses
  • Find any web interface for using social engineering
  • Find useful domain addresses for social engineering
  • Analyse Alexa Details for more information
  • Analyst Job Listings* Analyse the history of Company
  • Facebook Account
  •  Twitter Account
  •  Linked in Account
  • Use parameters on Google
  • Find Creator of the Website
  • Find Creator of the Web site’s References
  • Search Company Employee’s
  • Search Company on Paste-bin
  • Search Company’s Feedback
  • Use other search engines
  • Search email addresses on Facebook
  • Analyse the Company on Finance Services
  • Find Phone Numbers
  • Search Company Bank Account Information


We follow the PTES standard.


OSINT can reveal weaknesses and uncover ongoing cyber threats track all the information about the organisation on the Internet, to know the relevant information contained in social websites like Twitter/Facebook. YouTube, blogs, forums, news and search engines of your organisational to identify the classified information leakage.


What is the advantage in performining OSINT?
The advantage of OSINT is  to gather information that is available  online and classifying it.
Where is the information for OSINT collected?
It’s public and available. OSINT by definition is any unclassified information and includes anything freely available on the web.