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Briskinfosec has integrated various open-source tools to assess the security status of both your websites and web applications. BWPT Docker stands for Brisk Web Penetration Tester Docker tool. It detects the vulnerabilities based on “Black-Box” methodology. It doesn’t read the source code but finds the vulnerabilities in multiple ways like fuzzer, port scanner, open directories, payloads, port scanners etc.

Why BWPT Docker?

BWPT Docker uses the Docker platform to enhance web security by offering comprehensive scan of vulnerability assessment without any dependencies. It also saves user time. Our Briskinfosec repository is available in docker cloud and it can be accessed by anyone from anywhere, anytime by just pulling the docker.

Features of our Docker

The enamoring benefits of BNPT docker are cited below:

  • One-step installation.
  • No Dependency related issues.
  • Multitude of security scanning tools.
  • Checks for the same vulnerabilities with multiple tools.
  • Associated with OWASP Top 10 2017 on the list of vulnerabilities.
  • Executive summary of scans performed with classification of vulnerabilities as High, Medium, Low, and Informational.
  • Detailed comprehensive report.

Vulnerability Checks

  • Common open ports.
  • SSL vulnerabilities.
  • Content Management System (CMS).
  • Cookies/Headers Security.
  • Finger prints- OS, web app firewall and server banners.
  • Injection attacks (Cross Site Scripting, SQLi, OS Command etc.)
  • Local and Remote file inclusion.
  • DNS attacks.
  • DOS attacks.
  • Open directories.
  • Sensitive files.
  • Common directories.

How to contribute?

Any form of contribution is welcome, right from code to documentation, design suggestions, bug reports and much more. Please use GitHub to its fullest. Submit your requests, contribute tutorials and other wiki content if you’re willing to. Efforts are highly appreciated.

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