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Briskinfosec Pentest Toolkit (BPT) is a powerful and automated security assessment toolkit. BPT is pioneering techniques that helps penetration testers to automate the attack surfaces. Unlike other Pentest Frameworks, BPT focuses on major domains and tool flexibility. This toolkit allows Penetration testers to select specific modules (in real-time) for each attack.

Why BPT?

During penetration testing phases, Pen-testers use many tools to obtain maximum information about the target. While performing reconnaissance (information gathering), some users might face issues about the tools they’ve used for gathering some specific information. In-order to prevent such glitches, Briskinfosec security professionals, after an intense research, emerged successfully with the BPT tool. This tool is fully automated and flexible to use. It offers an easy- to-use interface, where the user can easily navigate into the options that’re given by the BPT tool.

What are the benefits?:

In BPT tool, we’ve included a variety of options that’re available for Security Professionals while using it. There are four main categories. They’re listed below:

  • Intel Gathering
  • Network Scanning
  • Metasploit Techniques
  • SSL Information

Each of these main categories have sub-categories. Even they’ve got interesting features that provide advanced information about the target. This tool helps with advanced penetration testing techniques in an easier way. Users can perform the entire penetration testing on a single terminal itself. This eliminates multiple terminal problems. BPT offers almost all different types of testing phases. Briskinfosec keeps incorporating more features on the tool, just to make it better with every day that passes by.

How to contribute?

All contributions are welcome, right from code to tool integration, design suggestions, bug reports and much more. Please use GitHub to its fullest. Whatever lucrative you offer, we will use it for sure! Keep supporting us.

If you want to support us in any possible ways, here is our official email address: [email protected] or visit our official website to know further.

GitHub repository : GitHub - briskinfosec/BPT_Briskinfosec_Pentest_Toolkit