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Basically, Docker is a platform for container management. BNPT (Brisk Network Penetration Tester) Docker is an open source docker image that’s created, developed and offered to the Global Cybersecurity Community by the security professionals of Briskinfosec. It’s main intention is to perform adroit security assessments. This is a Linux based docker image that’s been integrated with open source tools. As these tools run in the virtual environment, it doesn't affect the base machine dependencies.

Why BNPT Docker?

Well, BNPT docker makes penetration testing absolutely easier for security folks. The prime reason is, it’s integrated with many efficient security tools from the open source resources. Moreover, the tools are pre-installed. This helps the security professionals to skip the installation part, thereby saving their precious time.

Benefits of BNPT docker:

The enamoring benefits of BNPT docker are cited below:

  • No installation processes
  • No dependency errors
  • No disturbance to host machine
  • Independent of operating systems
  • Integrated with popular open source tools
  • Compatible size
  • Scans networks and hosts
  • Vulnerability assessment on nodes
  • Crafting packets
  • Saves massive amount of time.

Some of the featured tools in BNPT docker:

  • Nmap
  • Masscan
  • LNScan
  • Hping3
  • SSLtest
  • Rebel Framework
  • Raccoon-Scanner
  • Yuki-Chan

How to contribute?

All contributions are welcome, from code to documentation, design suggestions, bug reports and much more. Please use GitHub to its fullest. Submit your requests, contribute tutorials or any useful wiki contents. Your contributions are highly welcomed!

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