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BIMOS was created to provide the most comfortable testing environment for security researchers, pen-testers and for developers who are interested in mobile app security. BIMOS (Brisk Intelligence Mobile OS) is based on Ubuntu and created with Virtualbox 6. Virtualization environment BIMOS 1.0, uses XFCE desktop environment (Ubuntu) and is based on elementary OS 5.0 Juno. Providing a sophisticated mobile app testing environment is the ultimate goal of BIMOS.


BIMOS virtual machine contains the latest tools and frameworks for doing static, dynamic and network analysis for mobile app security testing. BIMOS is not filled with junk of tools and files. Instead, it contains each and every tool for specific purposes like reverse engineering, repacking the package, hooking and for much more.

What are the benefits?:

BIMOS is a perfect match for doing security testing based on standards like OWASP, wherein we can test all the Top 10 vulnerabilities.

For doing a complete mobile app security testing, through our extensive research in BINT (Brisk Intelligence) Lab, we have released MAST (Mobile Application Security Testing) framework that’s partnered with NCDRC (National Cyber Defence Research Centre). While following MAST framework, BIMOS will be more helpful.

The installation and configuration are absolutely free. In-order to use it, just follow these two steps:

  • Just download the OVA (Open Virtual Appliance) file.
  • Next, import it into the Virtualbox and use it. That’s all is needed!

In order to make it better than the best, we strive to improve the BIMOS virtual machine on a regular basis. Further, we keep updating the OVA file with new features.

How to contribute?

All contributions are welcome, from code to tool integration, design suggestions, bug reporting and much more lucrative stuffs. Please use GitHub to its fullest. Submit your requests if you have any. Your contributions are highly valued!

To support us in any possible way, just click on our BIMOS Github Link:

Here is our official Email address: [email protected] or visit our website for more details.