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ANSE Scanner is a testing tool that’s created, developed and offered to the Global Cybersecurity Community by Briskinfosec security professionals. It’s main purpose is to utilize Nmap (NSE scripts) completely and help security folks to understand the purpose of every NSE script. This tool also has an easy interface for everyone to work with it.


Well, ANSE absolutely holds an upper hand among many other scanners as its filled with advantages such as:

  • User friendly interface
  • Fast and precise output
  • Shodan scan for OSINT
  • Provides various argument options
  • Customs ports can be scanned
  • NSE scripts can be updated.
  • Output can be saved in txt/html.

Moreover, its well renowned by many security folks as many times, it proved to be a highly beneficial tool during testing. The user also has the option to provide various arguments before scanning that comes handy during penetration testing.

How to contribute?

All contributions are welcome, from code to documentation, to design suggestions, to bug reports. Please use GitHub to its fullest. Submit pull requests, contribute tutorials and other lucrative contents. Your contributions mean a lot to us!


Note: ANSE Scanner is intended to be used only for legal security purposes. It should be used only to protect your networks/hosts. Any inappropriate usage is not the responsibility of Briskinfosec. Be sure that you fully understand and comply with the ANSE Scanner licenses and laws in your area.

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