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The Good the Bad and the Ugly Artificial Intelligence | Briskinfosec

The Good the Bad and the Ugly Artificial Intelligence

National Digital Security Conference was held at KIT, Coimbatore on 21st December 2018. Mr. ArulSelvar Thomas, Director of Briskinfosec Technology and Consulting Pvt Ltd, demonstrated a presentation and also was a key part of a panel discussion about one of the most sizzling topic that is fuzzing up in cybersecurity sector.

The session was admired by the critics as the topic spoken was contemporary and much significant, not only for the present but also for the future. Yes, the guess is right. The topic was “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Artificial Intelligence (AI)”.

Key highlights of the session were spoken and both the pros and cons of AI were discussed. As part of the Good- How AI can help to reduce poverty; As part of the Bad – How AI based cyberattacks are brutally waiting to exploit technology segment; As part of the Ugly – How AI powered atomic weapons are waiting to be unleashed during the face of third world war. Alongside this, there were some eye-opening revelations for attendees like, China trying to build their own Artificial Moon and Sun, tiny menacing drones that are powered by AI. Check out the presentation to acknowledge more.

"This is a great example of how Briskinfosec stays prepared for all present and future challenges in the domain of cyber security". Artificial Intelligence (The machines) is always thought to be prudent and a game changer for human race. It is believed and trusted that AI reduces human efforts, makes things easily to happen for mankind, will exist as the sanest invention in this insane world and most importantly the one on whom every man can rely on as it doesn’t lie, doesn’t fake and doesn’t make plans to kill when we aren’t wide awake, unlike nemesis (humans). Indeed, these blessings are possible until their functions aren’t hacked or not gone haywire. If gone, the dreadful impacts that would be experienced is so terrifying to be dreamt of, even in the wildest dreams- says ArulSelvar, the Managing Director. .

He also shared dice with various CEO’s & CFO’s during panel discussion on the topic, “Cybersecurity Challenges and Solutions for Individuals to Corporate”.

In addition to this, there would be rampant rampage of AI driven cyberattacks, unemployment and much more. To know about it more clearly, a proper cyber security firm should be approached alongside Google knowledge, for getting a proper knowledge on AI and how security plays an indispensable role in preventing things from getting ruined. Briskinfoec aims to make the digital systems secure by providing top notch security quality and through practical awareness on possible security issues. We are a decade old cybersecurity firm operating from trine locations, India, U.K, U.S.A. To find out more, please visit us at

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