Earlier One Among Top 20; Now, One Among Top 10

Event Date: 11/01/2019


We Briskinfosec, the company who were earlier listed in 2018 as one among the top 20 most promising cybersecurity providers by the CIO review, now take this chance to delightedly announce that Briskinfosec now listed as “One among the top 10 most promising cybersecurity providers”. With regards to this, Mr. ArulSelvar Thomas, Founder and Director of Briskinfosec says, “Mostly, what people do is when they taste success even slightly, they get complacent with it and become sloppy and later lose sorely. But, this isn’t the way Briskinfosec operates. We strongly believe not just in hard work but in consistent hard work. Earlier, we were one among top 20. We wanted to prove ourselves better and thus put in greater work consistently. This has now catapulted as one among the top 10. For this, I’d love to congratulate all my employees for their everything, my clients for their support and you, my readers, for your valuable feedbacks. From the bottom of my hearts, I’d once again thank you all for everything.”

Do you think we are contented with this? Absolutely not! Well, we are happy but not contented. We are now eyeing in reaching greater heights with more improved R&D every day, offering extended services to distinct sectors, developing more indigenous security tools that provides extra layer of security, creating more awareness works towards cybersecurity and most importantly, a greater commitment towards accomplishing it.

                                                            And, we will do it!