We seek to drive security evolution, combining insights from research, industry, and the hacker community. We focus on common technology that exposes many people to risk, most recently mobile communication and payment systems. Our goal is to fix issues before consumers are put at risk, or publicly discuss in systems where this did not happen. Our lab is an open collective of like-minded thinkers.

What We Do

  • Addressing Cybersecurity issues with technology
  • Reporting security issues to organisation and work with them to secure the same
  • Actively creating Open source tools for security community
  • Releasing articles for cyber-security community
  • Conducting corporate Event and workshop to create awareness
  • Well trained Red Team engineers to offer security services from Briskinfosec

BINT LABS Resources

  • Free Online Tools
  • Recommended Books
  • Pin Boards
  • Research Projects

BINT Alumni

Brisk alumni a is community of Security innovators, leaders and inventors. Briskinfosec supports and recognition building new tools, projects associated with information security. Briskinfosec is exceptionally proud in providing a platform to showcase their innovation.

How t Become BINT LABS Researcher

To become part of BINT_LABS research community, Feel free to send your detailed proposal to